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Have you ever eaten a fruit cup or packed one in a lunch? Chances are that the plastic container holding your delicious snack was produced locally within the Greater Williamsburg Partnership area by a company known as Printpack.

Printpack is one of the largest packaging manufacturing companies in the United States.  A small Research and Development effort was started locally in the early eighties funded by a major oil company to investigate processes to make packaging out of residual plastics – Rampart Packaging was established.  This effort then grew into a startup and became what we now know today as Printpack Rigid; an enterprise serving both national and international customers.

Printpack Rigid attributes a great deal of their success to their location within the Greater Williamsburg Partnership area. The greater Williamsburg region offers many advantages to business growth which led to Printpack acquiring the local package manufacturing assets in 1996.  One main reason for Printpack’s success is the robust transportation network available tying together assets up and down the East Coast, to the Mid-West and beyond.  While truck transportation is a key factor in Printpack’s operations, the ability to transition between modes with the access to rail and sea keeps the company flexible and profitable. 
In addition to various modes of transportation, Printpack recognizes the Greater Williamsburg area as having a well educated and stable workforce. This provides them with access to both a professional and manufacturing employee base.  A recent announcement of continuing capital investment in Printpack’s facility within James City County will modernize their capabilities while also leading to additional incremental new employment.

About Printpack
Printpack is a leading manufacturer of flexible and specialty rigid packaging with 60 years of experience helping brands improve retail visibility, heighten brand awareness and capture market share.  Printpack combines unique insights on consumer preference with advanced technological capabilities in order to convert packaging concepts into reality.  Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Printpack is a privately held company that believes cooperation and integrity result in innovation.  Printpack employs associates worldwide and operates manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico and China.  To learn more, please call (404) 460-7000 or visit

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