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La Tienda

La Tienda

La Tienda is a family-run business in Greater Williamsburg that successfully ships over 100,000 orders of fine Spanish products annually.

La Tienda is well known as a local restaurant, famous for their irresistible paella and robust wine selection. What you may not necessarily know is the story behind it. This company began in a basement 20 years ago and, since then, has grown into the largest online and catalog retailer of gourmet food from Spain. Their retail location and warehouse, responsible for shipping all of their Spanish goods to clients, are located in James City County. Centered around the Harris Family’s passion for Spain and its traditions, La Tienda has remained a family-run business. It is committed to working with small artisan producers located in Spain to source the best authentic Spanish products.

Some contributing factors to La Tienda’s success are the well-educated workforce and robust transportation infrastructure available in Greater Williamsburg. The area’s resources provide La Tienda the ability to leverage the world-renowned Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary. This relationship with the College has given La Tienda valuable resources to help analyze business processes as well as recruit well-rounded and educated employees. Location has contributed significantly to La Tienda’s success.  The area’s extensive local transportation system gives La Tienda access to the Port of Virginia as well as the nearby I-95 interstate highway corridor, facilitating efficient shipping of products. Being situated within 50 miles of the Port of Virginia allows the business to take advantage of a program where the FDA inspects imported products in the company’s warehouse, saving transportation time and decreasing storage fees at the port.

While being located in Greater Williamsburg has been essential to La Tienda’s success, their devotion to curating unique Spanish products that reflect the culture and traditions of Spain is at the heart of their appeal. Family is a central part of life in Spain and La Tienda embodies this importance illustrated in their mission statement:  “Our goals are to treat our customers and employees like family, to educate our customers about the products, values and traditions of Spain, and to be the recognized leader in offering fine Spanish products to America and Canada”.

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