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Copper Fox Distillery

Copper Fox Distillery

"Our Spirits At Copper Fox Distillery Focus On The Flavoring Of The Malt Using The Smoke Of Selected, Smoldering Fruitwoods, And Hand-CUT, Toasted Fruitwood That Add A Range Of Natural Flavors In The MATURATION Process."

Copper Fox Distillery is opening a facility in Williamsburg on Capitol Landing Road.  Opening in July 2016, this will be the second location for the business, where it will distill, age and sell spirits on premises.  Its original location is in Sperryville, Virginia.

Copper Fox is opening in a renovated, historic motor court that it purchased from the City of Williamsburg.  The City’s Economic Development Director, Michele Mixner DeWitt, showcased the property to owner Rick Wasmund when he visited the City in 2014.  He immediately fell in love with the property, which overlooks a pond.  The City had purchased the motel in an effort to revitalize the corridor.
Copper Fox was awarded two grants from the state- one for adding more than twenty jobs in the three years after it opens, and another for using hundreds of tons of grains grown in Virginia for distilling whiskey and gin. Rick and his wife Chelsea have converted one of the units on the property into their home.  This use represents the type of business that the City had hoped would purchase the property, as it will bring vitality, interest, jobs and investment to the City’s Northeast Triangle.  The grand opening is scheduled for the end of July.

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